T.N. Seshan Horoscope

Published: 07th February 2011
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Introduction of T.N. Seshan

Tirunellai Narayana Iyer Seshan was born in a Tamil speaking Kerala Iyer family in Thirunellai, Palakkad district, Kerala on December 15,1932. He was the 10th Chief Election Commissioner of India from December 12, 1990 to December 11, 1996. As the Chief Election Commissioner of India, T.N. Seshan made history by introducing innovative electoral reforms and making the Election Commission a powerful body. After retirement he founded the Deshbhakt Trust, an NGO forum for like minded citizens concerned with social reforms in India.

T.N. Seshan's Nature Horoscope

T.N. Seshan is a very truth loving person. Also T.N. Seshan is of very helping nature. T.N. Seshan is fond of speaking the truth, nothing but the truth. If someone tells or manufactures lies, that person earns his disqualification and T.N. Seshan will never forgive that person. T.N. Seshan is fond of music and like it very much. Presence of Venus in second house of chart indicates T.N. Seshan has a very classy high taste. His Horoscope indicates that T.N. Seshan is likely to play a wonderful host. T.N. Seshan entertains guests very warmly and open heartedly.

T.N. Seshan's Birth chart

This Tn Seshan Birth chart is made by using the Tn Seshan's place, date and time of birth as the data source. This birth chart, which is also called as natal chart, shows the positions of the stars at the time of birth in the place Tn Seshan was born in. The planets in the birth chart decide what kind of a person the Tn Seshan will be in his life? What would be Tn Seshan's nature? Will Tn Seshan be rich? Will Tn Seshan be famous? Everything is decided at the time of individual's birth by the birth chart and this also reveals the same for Tn Seshan.

Astrology Report of T.N. Seshan

T.N. Seshan's Astrology Reports shows his Life, Nature, Marriage, Career, Health, Major happenings in life, etc. Astrology can be divided into natal astrology and mundane astrology. It can also be used to understand a person's personality, successes and failures and to forecast how someone will feel or behave over a period of time.

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